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We are currently suspending the release of Reversi Quest 2.
The date of resale is not yet determined.

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You can continue to play the game.
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Reversi Quest 2 is currently not available.



The story is set in Othellia Island which is ruled by King Othellia and the three princes.

There is a village at the frontier in the region of Northeastern Arpingham in Othellia Island.
Because this village is surrounded by mountains, there are very few exchanges with the outside world.

A young man, Nym, was preparing to deliver something to his uncle who works at the Forest of Vallo. His eyes being
full of curiosity, he seeks into the unseen world out from the isolated village.

On the way to his uncle’s place in the Forest of Vallo, Nym saves a girl from a goblin. The girl’s name is Imogen.
Although she came to the Forest of Vallo for a certain purpose, she got separated from her friends 
and got attacked by goblins that usually should have stayed calm.
This encounter will be changing the fate of Nym and Imogen tremendously…


Retro SNES-like pixel art graphics and BGMs of the mid 90’s

The maps and characters drawn in quarter view remind us of those days that were full of games that were actually like
video games. The character portraits drawn with a touch of realism that are rarely seen nowadays and the BGMs
reproduced with SNES sound sources enhance the retro atmosphere of the game.

A profound battle system based on Reversi

Immerse yourself in the thrilling battles based on Reversi! Turning the tables from a point of death with one successful
reversal will have you hooked on the game in no time! Prepare for a more intensive battle with treasure chests and special
panels full of surprises awaiting on the battlefields! Character Units, which can also be placed on top of enemy pawns, have
been added to the game for an even more exciting and victorious reversal!

A board game-like map full of events

Move one panel at a time as you would in a board game. The direction in which you can advance will differ by map. Look
ahead, think wisely, and choose your path. At times you will encounter characters, treasure chests, and / or hidden
treasures on the battlefields. Explore and find hidden areas within the maps where only certain characters will be able to
advance into!




Basic battle rules

The rules are basically the same as Reversi. Flank enemies from both sides to capture enemy discs as yours. The only
thing different from the actual Reversi is that there are characters on top of the discs. These characters are called Pawns,
and they all have a certain attribute to them. Flank enemies from both sides with Pawns of the same attribute to see them
in effect.

Here are some examples:
-Melee Attack Attribute (Red) … Deals damage to enemies
-HP Heal Atrribute (Green) … Heals your HP
-MP Restore Attribute (Yellow) … Restores your MP

There is a notion of HP and MP – you win if you bring the enemy’s HP down to 0, and you can use spells if you restore your MP.

Battle procedures

1) Tap one of the three Pawns shown on the bottom left.

Pawns can be placed on blinking panels with certain colors.
Here are some examples:
-Red-blinking panels: You can attack enemies.
-Green-blinking panels: You can heal your HP.
-Gray-blinking panels: You can place Pawns down, however,
nothing will happen other than capturing enemy discs.

2) Place the Pawn.
Tap the panel or drag & drop to where you want to place the Pawn. Once placed, the type of effect that will be taking place will be temporarily displayed on the screen. If a red ring is shown on the Pawns being flanked from both sides, you will deal damage to the enemy. If a green ring is shown, then your HP will be healed. In addition, the amount of damage or healing will be displayed on top of the HP bar at the top of the screen, so try using that efficiently.

3) Finish the placement.

Complete the placement of your Pawn by pressing the OK button shown at the bottom right of the screen. Once completed, the Pawns you’ve flanked from both sides will turn over and become yours. They will also damage or heal, depending on the state of placement. It will become the enemy’s turn afterwards.

Capturing tips

Dealing damage to the enemy isn’t the answer to everything. In some cases it may be better to prioritize placing the Pawn in a location that will give you an advantage in the future rather than thinking about a long-term battle and trying to deal damage.

The more you flip at once, the greater the amount of damage and healing will occur, so try not to flip over too much at the beginning. Instead, try aiming for the corners as you would in a normal Reversi game, and you may be able to flip many at once in the end and win with a tremendous reversal!



Beginning the quest

Tap 「Prologue」 from the world map, then tap on 「Forest of Vallo」. Check which character(s) will be joining the quest under the Quest Details window, then start the quest.


Advancing through the map

The direction in which you can advance differs by map. For example, you can advance rightwards in the 「Forest of Vallo」. That means you can advance towards the upper right or bottom right. An arrow will be displayed in the direction in which you can advance, so simply either tap or swipe in that direction to march foward.



A variety of events will occur along the way to the boss panel. You may encounter characters and / or enemies, have your HP healed at a healing spring, find treasure chests and / or secret treasures, and much, much more await you! Sometimes you may end up at a junction point, and it’s up to you to choose a path. Look ahead and choose wisely.


Clearing the quest

A boss will be waiting at the end of the map. Once you defeat the boss, the quest has been cleared. The first time around, you will be awarded with a new Pawn. As you advance in the game, you will be able to choose a different quest level even if you will be playing the same exact quest again. Clear many quests to obtain Pawns, equipments, and items!


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